Thursday, April 26, 2012

Azim Is Two!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Disney Cars Lightning McQueen! 🚗

It all started after Tokki and TokMie and antyNa gave him set of table and chair of Cars McQueen as birthday present last month..

Suddenly his interest on cars grows fonder.. He'll said 'kaaar!' while pointing to cars.

While looking for my walking shoe for the trip, i came across with kid's shoes at adidas with McQueen as the character.. They got a few colour and design.. But i like the red one.. I saw similar one at stride rite with additional blinking light at the back.. Want to get that at the first place, but his size was not available at klcc and other stores too..

So, last sunday, we went to 1Utama and saw this cute bagpack! Hehe..

We decided to buy it for him, and later on bought the shoe at adidas.. Hehe..

Adik was sleeping while we shopped.. Hehe

Walking around with cucur in his hand.. Haha..

Playing hide and seek in between the jerseys.. :)

Quick camwhoring with mommy ;D

He was so happy after we reached home to see that everything has the same image of McQueen! Hehe.. Even the shoe box got one! 'bokshh' said azim hehe..

A pose wearing the shoe.. :)

He even wears the shoe to sleep! Haha..

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Monday, April 23, 2012

The New iPad?

Until now, i've yet to own an iPad! Haha.. Beside no budget for it, being too choosy with the spec just holds the gear from moving forward to make a purchase 😁

So, now I may have the budget, but yet again, classic choosy trait just keeps holding it back.. *rolls eyes*

The thicker feature and the heat issue give me some reservation to buy.. Tried to google on the performance review and all, finally, i found this review out of many others, sort of comforting.. 😁

Skrg ni baby Muiz pon dah pandai berebut nak iPhone.. Kalau bagi toys lain, tak mau, cebik2 kecik hati haha.. Macam2.. Si Abang plak asyik nak amik dari adik je kalau adik main.. :p

InsyaAllah, soon.. Soon! Aminn.. 😉

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Why must every single step taken is so difficult that i hardly breathe? Why is it so.. Ya Allah, please ease the way.. I need your blessing and rahmah so desperately..

My body is aching all over.. It's ageing which i've forgotten to take care of for a long time.. My bad..

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Burning the Midnite Oil

It's near dawn.. And i am yet to sleep! Wahh mentang2 tak kerja esok..

I'm planning the itinerary for the trip! Haha.. Well, it's the only time that i can do it peacefully..

Take a few minutes rest, accompanying azim who woke up for milk.. Ok then. Gotta go!

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Saturday, April 21, 2012


another one week before our trip.. And loadssss to be done!!! 😱

Accommodation is half settled.. Yet to book for the last nite there.. Oh, i better start listing for real rather than in my head huhu..

All on me.. Packing and all.. Ahhhh... Ok, gotta go.. This weekend domestic goddess is a busy woman! Hehe.. Hv a nice weekend all! 💚

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Of Trying To Be A Good Mother

How do you mommies out there do it?

To be a good mother is the ultimate wish of every mothers.. Good and loving does not have the same definition obviously.. How good is good?

You have been nothing but a devoted mother to your children.. Bath them, feed them, play with them.. Sing a song, keep them happy, teach them abc 123 ا ب ت , soothe n calm them down during tantrums and the list goes on.

Tantrums.. Ive heard how a 2 yrs old can give horrified tantrums.. Until they called this phase, terrible two.. Is it really that terrible.. I dont know what is the specialty of 2 years old that they have a name for one's tantrums.
Patience of a mother, am sure have a limit.. I mean normal human being wud hv a limit.. Long day, tired and having to deal with kids with tantrums, once in a blue moon, of course will make the dragon in mommies wakes up! Right?

My question is when the dragon cones out, does it take away all those good things the mothers do? All of a sudden, does that mothers will be labeled as a bad mother?

It shall depends to what extent the dragon can possibly do, i guess.. But, my question is specifically for those acts that ate not over the limit.. A nice, slow hit perhaps?

What do you think? 💆

I feel bad.

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