Monday, July 23, 2012

False Alarm

I've been delaying to make time to see Dr Seri.. To insert the iucd thingy, for my fear towards pain! Esp after the c-sect with Muiz.. Everything seems too painful to bear.. Chicken material.. LOL! :)

So, i was planning to have it inserted just before melbourne.. But since you need to be in your 4-5th day of menstrual cycle, so i did not as by that time, I'll be in Melbourne already :p

When one complete cycle passed, and I should be visited by women's best friend.. Which it did not.. Andddd it freaked me out completely!! Like ahhhhh 😱
After a week, I did the UPT twice and both read, NOT PREGNANT! Haha.. Too paranoid..

Relieved but still there was a lil bit of uncertainties.. Two weeks later, it finally came.. So i missed it for a month.. Probably due to frequent breastfeeding in the day compared to other months..

So, yay to me.. For surviving the not so painful procedure of iucd.. Haha..

Just to make myself clear, it's not because i don't want more babies, but we just could not afford it at the moment.. From all aspects, especially emotional wise..

I would loveeee to have another cute baby in the house, but let this tired body rest for at least another one year, before re-attempt.. LOL!

Girl next, insyaAllah.. ;))

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Friday, July 20, 2012

Missing Them..

We'll be going back to my grandma's place n my hometown over the weekend to celebrate the coming Ramadhan.. breaking the fast with the dearest family..

And i was thinking that, oh how surreal and weird it feels to the fact that my grandpas from both sides, are not here anymore.. It just plain SAD.. I hate how the feeling feels :(

We did not get to meet each other that often while they were alive, after me being an adult that is.. Which i think why i feel this way when they are gone now.. Like going back to the village and realizing that they are gone for real.. At other times, it did not feel that real you know.. Since all these while pon, bukan jumpa selalu.. Get what i mean?

Nevermind. It just something that i feel. Hope their soul will rest in peace.. Amin..

Ok. Bye. Landing now. See you!

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Parents Room at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport

I am on the plane to Bintulu right now to attend a meeting this afternoon.. Was very chaotic as it was last minute notice.. Need to reschedule everything on the plate.. :/ Nonetheless, will be going back to KL tonite, but with Air Asia.. Good enough for,

>a fully breastfeeding mother who don't have that much of EBM stocked at the moment

> a mother of two sons who never been apart at night with her kids.. Oh only azim recently when Muiz was warded. That doesn't really count init? :)

I'm bored since am traveling alone, and cannot connect to those addictive social networks.. So it's time to update the blog! Hehe.. The long abandoned blog.. :p

Browsing through photos in my phone album, i think i'm going to blog about the parents room facility at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport.. One of the mother-ish things that makes me all smile and warm whenever i found one.. :D

While waiting to depart for KL, Muiz poo-ed and off we went to hunt the room.. At first, i tot of just using the adult toilet.. But i spotted the baby room signboard on the way to the toilet. And yes, i was delighted of course! LOL..

And i loveeee the huge and comfy space that they allocated for the room.. They could add more sofas though and on the water heater.. It was end of autumn and it was freaking freezing as winter is approaching.. Brrr.. But we had the wet baby wipes so ok lah.. Hehe

The manja boy! Hehe

Koala Kare.. Nice one huh..

The bins... Banyak giler haha..

So, if you are going to Melbourne Tullamarine Airport, no worries mommies, they do have our facility.. :P

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Going Home..

Tell the world..
Tell the world..
We are going home!! ;D

Alhamdulillah.. Muiz dah ok.. We are going back in a while! <3

Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes! :))

Thank you Ya Allah!! T_T

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Cute Patient

Muka sembab sebab banyak sangat nangis.. Merengek je and clingy.. Poor you sayang..

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

July the 13th, 2012

Muiz is warded since last night.. So here we are.. In TropicanaMedical Centre.. After a blood test was run, doctor thinks it's due to viral fever.. :/

Well, he's been having the fever for the past 3 days already.. This is the second time, and seems that the fever won't go away eventho meds were given.. The only thing that worked so far is to bathe him.. It'll reduce the temperature for a while at least, before it went up again.. I hate you virus! Poor boy.. T_T

This is his first time being warded.. And i can sense that he's a bit traumatized with all these.. Not to mention the part where they need to take the blood sample and placed the drip needle.. *cries*

I hope he will stay strong fighting the evil virus.. He's now sleeping, taking his rest.. If only mommy can take away all your pain my love, mommy will.. <3

Mommy prays that you'll recover soonest, and then we can go back home and reunite with ayah and your big brother, abang azim.. Amin..

At first, I'd like to rent the guest room here at Level 3, but full house! And looking at Azim being all excited and active, we decided that my husband shall take him home and I will stay with Muiz..

I was kind of sad as this is the first time since he was born, that mommy is not sleeping together.. But, what to do., that's the best arrangement for the time being.. At home, of course he will be very comfortable and can play as he likes it.. If he stays here, too much hazards.. Running here and there, and of course the bed.. And the cot, not suitable for him anymore.. I guess he should be fine.. InsyaAllah.. Ayah is with him anyway..

A nurse just came in to check Muiz's temperature again, and praise to Allah, it's 37.3 degree.. The nurse was relieved herself since the fever won't totally go away since admitted.. Pheww to that :)

Last nite, it suddenly came to me that, it was like a deja-vu.. Recurrence of Azim's admission (also due to viral fever) when he was few weeks away from turning 1 year old.. And now, it's happening again to Muiz.. Muiz is 11 months+ now.. He'll turn 1 on 2 August 2012..

Well baby, lets pray you can go back home latest by tomorrow and recover soonest! Please please please you temperature, stay under 37.5 ok!

Ya Allah, from You and from You alone, we pray that You will protect Muiz and heal him soonest.. Amin..


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