Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mommy Syndrome

Thought that i shud share these quotes here.. Dedicated to all mothers and especially to myself.. To remind me of the things mentioned in the quotes 😊

Poser! Hihi

My little admirer and a loyal follower hihi.. Sooo manja! :)

My two handsome boys.. I love you both mucho!!


Mommy 😊

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Aglio Olio

Accidentally deleted this post.. So here it is.. Managed to save it in screen shot only huhu..

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Travel Bug!

The new year means your annual leaves got fueled up again! Hehe..

So, lesson learnt from 2012, i need to consider the daycare's holidays first upon planning our family trip to whichever destination, and also before simply deciding to utilise my 20 days annual leaves.. i know, crazy number right.. i'm so in envy with those who entitled for 30-35 days per year.. Oh, well..

Thinking of to go for a family trip during the daycare's mid year hols, i checked the airfare for few destination, i.e. Hong Kong (of Disneyland is the major attraction for mommy with kiddos hehe), Seoul, Istanbul and also Paris! The one place that i really wanna go after The Holy Land.. I've been to London.. but i will definitely wanna go there again, or perhaps i can visit my childhood friends at Leeds.. ohh miss them, miss the lovely moments! That's so ages ago! It was 1994 people.. haha..

I also did some research on the accommodation and places to visit, just to have some rough figure on the cost that will be incurred.. Coz budget is the number 1 element that i need to make sure is inline with the plan, as the budget is ciputttt! haha..what else is new.. we are not that filthy rich people.. ;p

Andddd by doing this survey here and there made me really miss the moments during our last family trip to Melbourne!! Seriously, i feel soooo excited reminiscing the moments! hehe... We enjoyed it to the bits except for during the times that Azim got some ulcers in his mouth which made him down with fever.. and that is the reason why we missed our pre-booked tour to the Great Ocean Road! huhu.. that cost me around MYR700.. huhu... it was expensive coz i chosed the tour package by coaster in a small group.. But i guess, it's a blessing in disguise..prolly it's the best for us as we were there with baby and toddler.. so, yeah.. maybe some other times.. InsyaAllah..

Some pics of us in Melbourne.. Haa this remind me that i din write about the trip yet huhu..

in front of Melbourne Malaysia Hall.. this is where we stayed during our trip..

 after some shopping in Armani.. the kids were sleeping, so yay! hehe

 waiting for our boostjuice.. look at azim.. huhu.. dis was the ulcer hurt really bad.. poor baby :(

 ahemm.. hehe..

Azim had fun walking around the Queen Victoria Market.. Cool stuff, cool place :)

 Muiz was only 9 months old.. at the guest lounge of Melbourne Malaysia Hall..

 Azim looking at the lion.. at Melbourne Zoo

Azim and ayah goofing around, copying the sound of lion roaring hehe..

So Hong Kong is a definitely no no, coz there will be typhoon season during that period, Seoul is the best to visit as it will be spring with beautiful scenery of cherry blossom! hehe.. But the thing is, it's expensive! The airfare itself shall cost us 4, MYR4.6k! phewww... excluding the accommodation cost, and of course i wanna go to Jeju Island which also require domestic flight.. considering that the duration is one week, so i think i prolly pass Seoul huhu..

And not to forget that we are also saving for umrah trip with my family.. But this one also KIV.. huhu.. If we are going there for real, then definitely no Seoul for this year..hehe.. 

Mid Year: Singapore+Johore OR Krabi OR Bali.. 
Year End: Hong Kong..

Cheaper. Hehe.. So we'll see how it goes.. 

The AirAsia free seats? Haha..what a joke, i doubt that i can get the FREE tix LOL..

Have a good weekend!  :)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

These words come to me as a shock.. Waking me up in a sorrow ..

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Monday, January 7, 2013

For the Better Mommy

I love my kids so much.. Now i know what is mother's love.. Absolutely an awesome one..

My baby, the long awaited baby, the baby that brings so much joy to the family, to me especially, now grows up in a blink of the eyes.. Now that he's reaching 3 years old in 2 months, i really could lost my temper dealing with this boy lately.. And i hate that, i hate being a horrible monstermom, i regret every single moment my patience went all haywire with him.. I love him so much.. How should i handle this.. I really need to tame my temper and increase my level of patience, as this phase of challenging two has just begun for real..

Here's to a better me in being a mom! 💪

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Friday, January 4, 2013

Plan B

No, i'm not going to write about Plan B, the cafe.. But about my plan b instead.. :)

I love my current job, and of course the pay, the remuneration and all.. But i cudnt keep up with the required commitment to what they like to refer as performed, since i become a mother.

Probably some mothers can always maintain the same good performance, but for me i choose to take it slower cause i just cant bear at the thoughts of putting ur children after work. I mean, i dont mind to sacrifice for their sake, but also not to take things for granted at work either. I will try my best to do whatever tasks but strictly during office hours only. Once in a while shouldnt be a problem i guess.. Well, i wanna explain more on my stand about this coz i hate judgmental person but i'll save it for later cause now i 'm not in the mood to explain further on this..

So back to the initial intention of this post.

I really love seeing those young people success in their own business, like selling shawl, clothes, baby-wear, baby toys, tupperware, baking and stuff.

I would love to have a business of my own too but thinking of what shall be my business, really leave me confused everytime.. I dont think i'm good at being a seller.. But i know i'm very good at buying! Hahaha..

I envy them who have the courage and of course blessings from The God of making it happen for them.. I just dont think i would be success if i'm in their shoes.. Like, "ada ke org nak beli", something along the line..

And if were to quit my job and be a stay at home mom which is my dream, i need a plan b to work things out or simply said, to survive life with so much demands and necessity.. I dont really wanna cut down some expenses esp things to do with the kids, and thinking of that we would love to hv more children, make me hold my intention to quit..

So, what's my plan b? I'm yet to figure it out -__-

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Just Another Year?

Salam and happy new year!

I really miss writing. The intention were always there but somehow i just chose not to.. If only the phone's key pad is like laptop's.. And if only i have much time to e in front of laptop..

Loads of things to share.. Especially the kids' milestones.. And as i would do every year, to list down new year resolutions which of course never fully accomplished so far.. Hehe..

Oh well, good nite! See u soon? *the mood just went down abruptly, pfft*

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