Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dating with My Guy

Our life has been pretty hectic since the arrival of the two lil rascals.. We have no time to go out on a date once in a while and being me, i dun really like the idea of leaving the kids at daycare while us going out together. I used to think and feel that it's better to bring them along, then u feel complete.. Cian dorg kene tinggal..

But after what since aeons, i guess i need to change my stand.. Both parents also need sometime to themselves too.. U know, to sparkle things up between us, feeling cintan cintun like the old days.. Coz sometimes, life can be so mundane with the same routine like every day, no? I guess couples like us would understand. Those that usually goes out on a date, might or might not understand..

We dun have the luxury of living near to parents and family.. Thus, makes it more difficult to decide to leave ur kids at the daycare.. And babysitter is not an option, coz there's none! I envy parents in the US or Europe, coz they always have babysitting services for a few hours so that parents can go out on a date or romantic dinner or movie! And since Muiz is still fully breastfeeding, it makes it even leceh to leave them behind..

But, last 2 Months, both of us got a chance to have lunch and have some window shopping, just two of us.. Ohh how we sooo love it!! And we both agree we shud do this more often, prolly once a month.. Yes, that is considered often! Hehe..

We went to paradigm mall, so near to our place and had buffet lunch at Seoul Garden, the famous Korean BBQ place.. Last time we ate there was when Azim was 7-8months kot? Haha.. Ad lesson learnt.. U dun wanna bring kids if u wanna enjoy the food peacefully! Haha.. Prolly wait for them to understand life better, or dengar ckp laa haha.. Whats with the bbq thingy splashing some oil here n there kan.. Hot some more..

Actually i stopped at the above para before continuing again at this para, so i just feast ur eyes with the pictures, no mojo to write along the story nemore :p

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Friday, November 23, 2012

That First Little Step

Alhamdulillah.. Muiz Ilman has finally moving on his first step! It's on 11 November 2012, sunday nite. What a nice date he picked, no? 😁

He's 15months now, and getting smarter day by day.. He can says a few words, i.e ayah, nak, daa(dah) sambil pusing2 tgn hehe, ba (bye), tatt(cat), he also good at mimicking sound of horses! Haha..

Alhamdulillah still fully breastfeeding except for last monday, need to top up with formula milk as insufficient supply and no more ebm stock. I feel so bad, and it didnt help as Muiz din took it well. He only drank around 1oz per feeding. Total of 3 feedings with fm. But alhamdulillah, only for that day. Now back with full supply of ebm. How to wean like this hehe..

So that's pretty much updates for now :)

Here's the lil baby of mine who is growing up in a blink! ;)

Buat2 nangis LOL

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Save Gaza

The Muslim's new year was ruined by the Yahudi Laknatullah.. It has been 7 days of Israeli aggression, and today they finally stop.

But what that 7 days has taken? Hundreds of lives, which the statistic shows children are the highest amongst all.. I dont know, prolly because i have kids on my own, so that i feel rather emotional this time around. Seeing those pure, innocent and pale faces, makes me tears at the thought that they died at such young age and look at how they died.. Being bombed/attacked by the vicious Israeli..

How could that even possible.. I get it if people cannot get to terms with some others but why makes those children as victims.. "It's not a war, it's a murder'.. I've read it somewhere in facebook page, and it is sooo true! I couldnt agree more. What could those kids possible can do to you.. What harm they can do until u have such heart to launch such bullshit mission? I guess the hearts are just too bad, no?

Ya Allah, protect us all.. Amin.. #pray4gaza #savegaza

Lets us do our parts on saving them, including boycotting those products that support and contribute to the terrorism of Israel.. Looking at the list, i'm pretty sure that all of us can still live without them. You have so many other choices, so why bother.. Dont be too shallow,
Narrow minded, pls.. I'm so boycotting, i'm so going to do the most that i can.. May Allah bless and protect us, our families and all muslims in the world.. Amin..

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Mommy! Bache.."

Got an email from babycenter.com this morning on my 32 months old baby's development which i find very interesting that i had to share it here.. And oh, 32 months already?? Time flies too fast these days.. :(

"Hello, zue!

It's Rhyme Time

Making time for reading with your child every day has so many benefits. You're exposing her to new words and ideas. You're helping her develop pre-reading skills, such as matching the story to the pictures and identifying letters. And it's a terrific way to snuggle and spend time together. A particularly good kind of book to look for: rhymes, in the form of stories (like The Cat in the Hat) or short nursery rhymes (like "Mother Goose").

A wonderful way to enhance your child's language development is with rhymes. Alliteration, word play, and rhyme tune your child's understanding of subtle differences between words and build vocabulary. They help boost auditory memory, an important pre-reading skill, and develop rhythm, too. The word pictures drawn in familiar rhymes become both fascinating and familiar. Not least, reading and singing rhymes lets your child know that words can be funny and fun!

There's good reason Dr. Seuss books are universal favorites. The vocabularies are simple but the rhymes are pitch-perfect. In addition to rhyming storybooks, look for books of classic nursery rhymes or books of children's poems. There's a wide variety: counting rhymes, rhymes with finger play, and those with silly tongue twisters. It's also great to sing familiar rhymes, which offers many of the same benefits. (Your pitch doesn't matter in the least.)"

I've always love the idea of familiarizing my kids with books.. Tho i only did it like once or twice a week.. Ok, need to try to spend few minutes of the day to read together with them.. And prolly getting that dr seuss books too hehe..

Happy reading! :)

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mother's Room

Lucky for us, the org hv provided a facility i.e. mother's room complete with fridge, electric sockets and seats of course, for breastfeeding mothers to express the breast milk.

Previously i was using the room in another level, but for the past month, i was using the room at another level.

The room is not as clean as the previous room. And somebody also used the fridge to store some of their foods which i dun really mind even though i felt a bit uneasy. Actually, the room and things in it are only meant for its purpose, and storing foods is strictly prohibited.

But yesterday, just cudnt bear with it anymore when i found this

So unbelievable!! And i just had to inform the appropriate team to handle this.. Too much..

This is what i wrote in the email.

wud like to inform on the misuse of the facility. Somebody apparently use the fridge to store some other foods and did not clean the mess afterwards. In the pic attached u can see the yogurt mess with a plastic spoon which was left there for a few weeks already.

U can also notice that they just sumbat the whole bag with food in it n base fridge tu very dirty. And there even ada huge box with things in it on top of the fridge. Ive been observing this for a few weeks n it was still there until today. I just had to clean the fridge n table myself jz now. I dont know who is/are the person, n i dont mind of they want to tumpang the fridge, but please jaga kebersihan n dun just sumbat the bag in it and leave the mess of the food like dat. So inconsiderate n irresponsible. It's a shared facility n For bf mothers. :(

I hope u understand my situation. Tak sanggup simpan susu dlm fridge kotor :((

And today, got a new thing but lebih kemas :|

I dont intend to kenekan sape2, but seriously pissed sgt sbb geliii! Susu tu nak bg baby minum kott.. Some people are just so selfish and plain irresponsible or shud i say, pengotor? Iskk.. Jgn inconsiderate sgt buleh x? Huhu..

Sekian luahan perasaan seorang nursing mother T_T

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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Tomorrow will be another celebration for Muslims, Eid-ul-Adha or normally known as Hari Raya Haji.. We will be going back to KT this evening via airplane.. No, i couldnt be bothered to travel via car and go thru the massive jam.. With 2 kids? I hv better things to do than getting cranky in d car! Haha.. Elok2 ada 2 je yg cranky, mak budak pon cranky nti LOL

So this year, will be donning the ever prettyyy, like seriously so pretty, Jovian Mandagie's RTW design! Hehe.. Bought 2 of them, Jaxine and Jewel.. I love them both to the max! 💗

Gorgeous, no? Hehe

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha! Have a safe journey back home, and take care! :))

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Colour Block

Colour-blocking is soo in nowadays, and it is soo nice that i cudnt resist not to join d bandwagon.. Hehe..

So, tot of sharing my first trial of colourblocking and also the kids' haha..

Triosome in coloured pants! Pink for mommy, green for muiz and mustard for azim! Hehe.. All by H&M! 😜😍

Green vs Royal Blue..

Mustard vs Sky Blue..

Royal purple vs pink! Hehe.. Spot the shoe! And no, i did not wear that just yet! Tgh mencari kekuatan! Hehe..

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sponge & Malaikat

I love all quotes and advices shared by Excel Qhalif in their facebook page.. Very good parenting tips indeed.. Thumbs up!

Hope this shall remind us parents and lets pray we can provide the best to our children, and may they become great & soleh khalifah.. InsyaAllah amin..

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Girl Can Always Dream

Look at that!! What a beauty! A stunning and exquisite piece that any girl would never say no to.. Ahh, dont lie.. Even if you seems have no passion towards jewelry, but surely, this masterpiece of Tiffany & Co, will make you fall in love with it..

By only looking at this makes my heart blossoms without petals! Haha, imagine if I own this.. I would be in cloud 9 forever! Hahaha..

Ok, a girl can dream.. Always :) Happy Wednesday!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

"Bilik Toys"

We are living in a condo of 3r2b.. The desire of having a playroom for the kids is not possible really. The second room is meant for guests who come and stay overnight.. It's quite big. I do my ironing in the room too.. And sometimes will dump all the laundry there heee..

The kids' toys were placed in the living hall.. And yes, it ways gets in my ways! Hehe.. I didn't really mind that before coz the messiness was still.. Urm, acceptable? :p But of late, i kinda feel irritated with the toys lying around the hall like, every inches of the hall! Like seriously, these two boys are cooperating with each other, and they are sooo good, i tell u! Haha.. Not to mention that the boys are 2.5yrs and 1.2yrs.. Imagine how it will be, when they get older? *faint!*

Our second house will be completed by end of nxt yr, so i just cant wait to move and i was telling my husband that we should hv a playroom for the kids.. And he replied that the boys will then take the toys out and play in the hall still.. -___-

The thought of having to see the toys like that for more than year, it just make me feel like puking! Haha. And when i read kiena's blog about the playroom that he setup for her kids, i got inspired right away!! Hehe.. Thanx kiena! :)

So, that weekend, we rearranged the furniture, some into the master bedroom, and tadaaaa!! Presenting our very own playroom! And errr cum guest room and ironing room! Hehe..

The boys were very happy to see their decorated playroom especially Azim! He went 'yay yay, yay yay!' hehe..<3

Bought the cartoon and height measurement wall sticker at kaison, paradigm mall.. A lot of choices, u just wanna buy all of them! LOL

The most important thing is that I am a happy mommy now! Hehe.. Well, they still play at the hall 80% of the time tho, but at least it's not that messy anymore.. The messiness is manageable! Haha..

Oh, it was called bilik toys.. And azim know what it means! Hehe..

*azim was sleeping when i snapped these pictures heh

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Friday, October 5, 2012

Tandem Stroller

Since i was pregnant with Muiz, i've been eyeing on a tandem stroller.. And of course the temptation to get Phil & Ted was beyond words! Haha.. But of course, as it is too expensive and the fact that no local stores are selling it, so i was kinda reluctant coz i wanna test drive first and see whether it firs my car boot or not.. I saw one at the first few years and now no more..

And now, i got crazy again coz this britax b-ready is soooo cool and so urban-ish? Haha.. Already test drive one also at the first few years and oh my! Sooo niceee!! Haha

I actually prefer the stroller with front n back seat like duette sw.. But it's too heavy! Too expensive and bulky! Kolcraft cant fit in my boot.. So, i checked the inline tandem stroller again and thinks it's the best choice for me.. Side by side stroller is definitely a no no since the kids' weight is not around the same figure.. So the stroller is not balanced and might fall.. Huhu

So, presenting the champ! Hehe.. No, i din buy it just yet.. Hehe.. Still contemplating.. ;)

Update: i found this at mothercare klcc just now! Phil & ted sport but no double kit.. The last one in all mothercare outlets! :))

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Doctor McAzim!

The flu bug has invaded my body.. 😷👎

Lucky, i have a cuteeee doctor with k-pop style here in the house to treat me! Hehe..

Azim suka sgt cartoon Doc McStuffin kat disney junior.. And this is the second set of doctor's stuffs dat i bought.. Beli kat kedai buku kat Trg and the latest beli kat Kaison, Paradigm Mall..

He'll says "check up, check up" kalo tgk brg2 doctor ni hehe..

Tgn adik asyik enterfrem nak jugak pgg stethoscope..

Glasses without lense.. Kpop sgt haha..

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Friday, September 28, 2012

The Neurons Are Connecting!

Azim and Muiz are getting smarter day by day! And i'm so amazed by the progress that they have made individually.. Subhanallah.. And i can never be grateful enough to Allah swt for granting me my wishes to have my own heirs.. Alhamdulillah for the blessings.. T_T

The other day, on our way back home after fetching the kids from the day care, Azim said,

"mommy! Azim baju olengh! (orange)!

"aah, azim pakai baju oren"

"mommy, adik baju olengh!"

"aah, adik pon pakai baju oren"


Few minutes later, as we passed by a school, he saw a few school busses and said,

"mommy!! Buss kaler olengh! Sameee... Bajuu.." while pointing to his tshirt..

And i was, aaaa how cute that he can relates and expressed that! He is starting to explore things beyond his zone.

As for Muiz, he's in the process to gain confident to walk by himself.. Walking while holding sofa, chairs and everything else that he can cling onto.. He was also very excited to handle the walker by himself.. He will walk grinning all the way haha..

The other day, he actually push up his bottom and body to stand up, but no, he did not, not just yet hehe.... But, I was stunned, and felt that omg, my baby is growing up, like so fasttt!! T_T

Muiz can says a few words now,
-baw (ball)
-ma (mommy)
-tss tss (susu! Haha)

And now he's so into pocoyo! Haha just like azim when he was at the same age.. Azim now has moved to Timmy Time & Doc McStuffin hehe..

Ok folks, enjoy your weekend! :)

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Farewell Lunch

So, not only that i moved blog, but i also moved to a new place at work. I was transferred to another subsidiary within the org early of the month.. I still work at the same office tho, only different level.. Lower by 14th floors! Hehe

My previous team were so kind to actually organized such session. Aww.. I cant help but felt a lil bit of excited! Hehe..

The food spread was such an awesome one that i tambah nasi twice! Haha.. Selera kampung kannn.. :p

Masak lemak daging salai, ikan tenggiri msk kicap, sambal udang, mixed vege, watermelon, caramel pudding, with all sorts of ulam, and ikan masin! Hehe.. Absolutely delicious!

Got a pen, a box of chocolate and a good luck card.. Awww so nice, so sweet! Hehe.. And i had to give good bye speech tho tskk..

Mine! All mineee!! Haha

With our ex intern..

Why take pic of my back?? Haha.. Failed! Lol!
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Wordless Wednesday: Doa Pelembut Hati Anak

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Apple's New Addition

No, it's not an iPhone 5! Or not just yet! :p

It's the ever so wanted new iPad aka iPad 3! Hehehe.. Want it so bad since the first generation of iPad but only now we managed to get it realised, with the third generation hihi..kesian kan?

Azim is the most excited one and Ayah is busy trying to conquer it from Azim, which of course Azim won mosttt of the time i.e 99.9% hihi.. While Muiz also want to join the bandwagon but access was usually denied by the big brother :p

Mommy, u asked? Hmm mommy had to stick with the iPhone LOL.. #typical

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Motherhood

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Monday, September 17, 2012


I'm thinking of blog revamp.. Just to keep me in the mood to record special moments and random sharing on parenting tips.. And especially on the growth milestones of my kids..

Hope i can do it soon!

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Their First Dental Check Up

Today, we went to see a dentist to do a dental check up for the kiddos, finally.. Hehe

We went to Smileworks Dental Clinic at Oasis Ara Damansara.. Only 5minutes from home.. The clinic is decorated with modern concept and it's so cozy.. Also got play area for kids and comfy sofa set in the waiting area.. And tv of course hehe.. I totally recommend this clinic.. And the best thing is that the bill is only RM20 for both! RM10 each, well it was only consultation but still! Very affordable :)

The dentist is Dr Ikhwan and he's very gentle in handling the kids.. Azim didnt hesitate at all which is a very good sign.. Honestly, i was quite amazed by his cooperation.. I'm very proud.. Tips for toddler: you may want to tell Your kids to cooperate with the dentist like if dr wanna see ur teeth, u show him like this aaaaa.. Kinda thing haha.. And i was constantly praising and cheering for him like goodd boy.. Azim, show ur teeth! Open ur mouth..

Dr Ikhwan taught him how to brush his teeth just to warm things up.. To eliminate fear, that is.. And he also ask azim to touch and feel the things that dentist use to clean the teeth.. That thing that makes noise haha.. And he tried it on his nails! Haha.. Ad when doctor tried it on his teeth, he was ok.. Hehe.. Alhamdulillah, his teeth is all in good conditions. And the doc mentioned that there are small spaces in between his teeth. He said this is actually good as later when the permanent teeth come out, the teeth Will come out nicely, tak berhimpit2 la..

It was the opposite with Muiz tho :p this baby of mine kept shutting his mouth and kept turning around to escape.. Haha.. Pandaiiii!

He was sleepy actually and he fell asleep after a while, which made it easier for the dentist to see his teeth..

I'm not sure i've blogged about this but i've tweeted that Muiz's teeth are somewhat chirped.. And i didnt Know why.. So, after had a look at it, Dr ikhwan said that it was due to hypo mineralized enamel.. I've yet to google about this.. Will do it tonite..

Doc said he will order tooth mousse to prevent further bacteria growth as now the dentin of the teeth are exposed.. Nothing much can be done at this stage coz Muiz is still small.. He wont be cooperating if we want to repair the enamel.. And GA is not advisable as it will be too traumatizing.. Since it's not that serious, we will just take extra care of the teeth and avoid the bacteria growth.. Hopefully, this will not happened to other teeth that are yet to come out aminnnn.. Mommy is still worried tho huhu..

These are the pics from today's visit.. Enjoy the long weekend all.. :)