Saturday, September 15, 2012

Their First Dental Check Up

Today, we went to see a dentist to do a dental check up for the kiddos, finally.. Hehe

We went to Smileworks Dental Clinic at Oasis Ara Damansara.. Only 5minutes from home.. The clinic is decorated with modern concept and it's so cozy.. Also got play area for kids and comfy sofa set in the waiting area.. And tv of course hehe.. I totally recommend this clinic.. And the best thing is that the bill is only RM20 for both! RM10 each, well it was only consultation but still! Very affordable :)

The dentist is Dr Ikhwan and he's very gentle in handling the kids.. Azim didnt hesitate at all which is a very good sign.. Honestly, i was quite amazed by his cooperation.. I'm very proud.. Tips for toddler: you may want to tell Your kids to cooperate with the dentist like if dr wanna see ur teeth, u show him like this aaaaa.. Kinda thing haha.. And i was constantly praising and cheering for him like goodd boy.. Azim, show ur teeth! Open ur mouth..

Dr Ikhwan taught him how to brush his teeth just to warm things up.. To eliminate fear, that is.. And he also ask azim to touch and feel the things that dentist use to clean the teeth.. That thing that makes noise haha.. And he tried it on his nails! Haha.. Ad when doctor tried it on his teeth, he was ok.. Hehe.. Alhamdulillah, his teeth is all in good conditions. And the doc mentioned that there are small spaces in between his teeth. He said this is actually good as later when the permanent teeth come out, the teeth Will come out nicely, tak berhimpit2 la..

It was the opposite with Muiz tho :p this baby of mine kept shutting his mouth and kept turning around to escape.. Haha.. Pandaiiii!

He was sleepy actually and he fell asleep after a while, which made it easier for the dentist to see his teeth..

I'm not sure i've blogged about this but i've tweeted that Muiz's teeth are somewhat chirped.. And i didnt Know why.. So, after had a look at it, Dr ikhwan said that it was due to hypo mineralized enamel.. I've yet to google about this.. Will do it tonite..

Doc said he will order tooth mousse to prevent further bacteria growth as now the dentin of the teeth are exposed.. Nothing much can be done at this stage coz Muiz is still small.. He wont be cooperating if we want to repair the enamel.. And GA is not advisable as it will be too traumatizing.. Since it's not that serious, we will just take extra care of the teeth and avoid the bacteria growth.. Hopefully, this will not happened to other teeth that are yet to come out aminnnn.. Mommy is still worried tho huhu..

These are the pics from today's visit.. Enjoy the long weekend all.. :)