Friday, February 15, 2013

We are Five!

Alhamdulillah, our marriage turned 5 on 1 February 2013.. :)

We are so grateful to The Almighty for his blessings and rahmah.. Walking down the memory lane definitely make the love grows stronger! We pray that the knot that we ties last 5 years will last forever until Jannah.. InsyaAllah, amin..

Since the anniversary is on a public holiday, we decided to go for a romantic date! Hehe.. Well not so much of romantic, but we really enjoyed the company of each other, walked hand in hand, had a peaceful lunch (i miss the kids tho hehe), watched a movie-Hansel and Gretel, ate ice cream n popcorn.. A very satisfying day indeed.. :)

The outcome of love 😘

Dear Husband,

Thank you so much for the never ending love, the compromise and understanding, the support..

We definitely have so much to learn, to improve, and so much to know each other.. May we continue to love each other despite the differences and the weaknesses.. And may our love grows stronger with our strengths and the ever so lovely children.. May Allah bless our love forever.. Love u to bits! Muahss!

Your Wife 💃

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