Monday, May 13, 2013

Oh Baby Baby

My kids are sooo testing my patience nowadays.. The patience that is merely there.. I was never a patient person.. With the continuous hyperactive moods and tantrums..  Oh God, i really can't take it at times.. How do other mothers do it? How they actually survived the situations? Survived without any negative reactions? 

I'm now locking myself up in the room justto get myself THE patience that i need to handle them.. They have been jumping up and down on the sofas and felt that it was funny that i've scolded them.. Afrraid that i could go bonkers altogether, here i am..

Then, Muiz wascrying out loud and dunno what Azim has done, i just lost words for this.. And here i am again.. Their dad is around.. So yeah.. At this moment, Azim is the one who is crying.. On top of his lung! *sign.. long one*


So i managed to get sufficient patience.. *this explain why it is a good thing to isolate your angry self when you feel it is so much to handle* Went to the hall and hugged Azim and ask him to stop crying.. I told him bla bla bla bla.. And he seems to understand and digesting what i have been telling him.. And now all are good and calm, lying in front of tv while having their milk.. Alhamdulillah for the peace..

Muiz, on the other hand, got himself 'an egg' on his forehead.. Azim swing the curtain holder and accidentally hit Muiz.. Hence, the crying and babbles to Azim earlier..

Oh my baby you.. What would i do without you.. Mommy lovesss you sooo much.. I am willing to do EVERYTHING for both of you... You are indeed my heart, my soul and my life.. I pray that i will be a better mommy.. Amin..